Luxe, high quality, eco-friendly, ethically hand sewn bikinis that will leave you feeling confident, stylish, and satisfied.

Lea said...

I can't stress this enough, GO BUY Hokua Swim. Don't walk, RUN. It fits so well and is so amazing, also win win by supporting Jojo and her amazing brand! I'm obsessed, she also is releasing new styles and prints soooo🤭🥳🤩

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Why Choose Hokua Swim?

How our luxury, high-quality bikinis are all sustainably, exclusively, and ethically hand sewn with aloha.



How Josuna, a seventeen year old girl from Oahu, Hawaii started Hokua Swim out of her bedroom when she was just twelve years old.


“I Am the One With the Bikini Business”

An article written about Josuna Kinsey, a bikini business owner from Hawaii, moving to Vermont, and posted in the U-32 Newspaper.


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