Why Choose Hokua Swim?

How our luxury, high-quality bikinis are all sustainably, exclusively, and ethically hand sewn with aloha, and why our brand differs from the rest.

What makes Hokua Swim different from other bikini brands? Our bikinis are ethically designed, graded, cut, and sewn by the solo female entrepreneur, Josuna, right in Oahu, Hawaii. Most swimwear companies manufacture their swimwear in foreign countries such as Bali or China. Although some may claim to be “handmade,” they are still often made in sweatshops with underpaid workers.

Sustainability is a priority for Hokua Swim. We use eco-friendly fabrics certified skin-safe and toxin-free by the OEKO-TEX Standard 100 and ECONYL, a recycled fabric made from plastics found in the ocean. We also use 100% biodegradable, plastic-free, eco-friendly packaging.

We make a social impactwe donate a percent of our sales to nonprofits that work towards sustainability and ethical practices. Some nonprofits that we have donated to in the past is Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii. We also work to raise awareness about pollution and labor challenges.

Quality is a priority; all of our bikinis are reversible and seamless. We also make sure to always double layer, and even triple or quadruple layer so you never have a see-through bikini.

What about exclusivity? Our prints are exclusively hand sketched, drawn, and developed for Hokua Swim. You will never find them anywhere else. Our swimwear styles are also designed by Josuna, ensuring originality. We likely will never restock any styles or colors, so once it’s gone, it‘s gone forever!

Hokua Swim prioritizes your safety by taking measures such as proper sanitization to ensure cleanliness while sewing your swimsuit and fulfilling your order.

Hokua Swim hopes to create an experience and a bikini that will leave you feeling confident, stylish, and satisfied.